Caption, from Getty Images: “Lobster being walked on a leash. “ The other day I was at the smoked-fish counter at Balducci’s, a ridiculously high-end grocery store in Bethesda, Md., which I patronize only infrequently because they have sable fish, which I cannot resist due to my…
Reinterpret any headline by adding a 'bank head' (that's what this is). Plus a reexamination of our 1993 contests.
Dall-E cartoon of “Frenchman in beret in hammock” You know what would be great? If while all these criminal cases against Trump inch their way forward…
Our new contest partners you and a machine. How's that gonna work out? Plus winning pangrams of movie titles.
Good afternoon. Happy Pi Day. This Gene Pool intro will be mostly about pi and its cherished day, which is today. March 14. 3.14, pi. Or close enough…
As the Invite turns 30, enter your choice of contests from our year of infancy. Plus winning jokes-as-poems.
Good afternoon. Today we talk about word games and liars, and there will be an entertaining poll, but first we’re going to talk about money. I hate…
Use all the letters in a movie title to make a new movie. Plus out-there art concepts.
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